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Freedom Train International stands as a symbol of unrestrained expression and movement, uniting a diverse global community under the banners of free speech and boundary-free exploration. Our movement envisions a world where every individual’s voice is heard without fear, where boundaries do not constrain aspirations, and where connections among cultures flourish.

We are dedicated to nurturing a community where like-minded individuals come together to celebrate the power of free speech. Our platform serves as a hub for exchanging ideas, insights, and opinions that transcend geographical limits. Through exclusive content, discussions, and collaboration, we empower our members to challenge norms, drive change, and broaden horizons.

Our Mission Statement

Former Parliamentary candidate with The Brexit Party Barnsley. Businessman entrepreneur. Standing up for the people and our communities.

Our Values

Community Advocacy

Our top priority is the welfare of our communities, equipping them to voice and act upon their concerns.

Democratic Values

Democracy is at the heart of our actions, endorsing transparency, fairness, and free expression of ideas.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We prize innovation and resolve, driving us to overcome hurdles and seize opportunities that encourage progress.

Freedom of Movement:

We advocate for the right to travel and move freely, enabling cultural exchanges, idea sharing, and fostering global understanding.

Citizen Empowerment:

Our goal is to equip every individual with the necessary tools to comprehend, participate in, and influence their political and economic surroundings.


We maintain the highest standards of integrity in all our deeds, ensuring honesty, reliability, and ethical behaviour guide our decisions.


We are committed to standing up for our communities and their people, regardless of the challenges we encounter.

Inclusive Growth

We endeavour to generate opportunities that promote inclusive growth, supporting every member of our community in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

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The Inner Circle

Jim Ferguson

Larry Alex Taunton

Sonya Stewart

Mark Friesen

Bridget Buenger

Liz Churchill

Greg Hager

Sherwin Edwards

A Word From Our Founder

Welcome to Freedom Train International, where we redefine freedom and collective action.

Our world is filled with challenges and opportunities. Voices of the marginalized are often lost, but in uncertainty, advocacy and unity shine.

We believe in changing history. Freedom of speech and free movement are our essence, our commitment. Join us, access resources, and be part of a community empowering real change.

The world needs freedom champions. Stand with us, rise above challenges, and become the change our world needs.

Join Freedom Train International today.

Unity and Determination,


Jim Ferguson Founder, Freedom Train International

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Jim Ferguson

The driving force behind Freedom Train International. With an unyielding commitment to justice and the rule of law, Jim’s down-to-earth approach resonates deeply with our core values.

Jim firmly believes in a world where people thrive in freedom and peace, untouched by intrusive governments or overwhelming state control. He staunchly opposes lockdowns, censorship, and other forms of control, standing as a resolute advocate for free speech.

His passion for fairness and open dialogue fuels a community that empowers all individuals to flourish in an environment of unrestricted expression and global unity. Join Jim Ferguson in the pursuit of justice, liberty, and unwavering dedication to individual rights—a beacon of hope for a better future.

Larry Alex Taunton

Larry Alex Taunton is an award-winning author, columnist, and host of the “Ideas Have Consequences” podcast. He has debated high-profile atheists like Christopher Hitchens and Muslims like Zaid Shakir in venues ranging from Al Jazeera and a Seattle concert hall to CNN and an old theatre in Billings, Montana. When he’s not writing, traveling, or watching football, he’s pissing people — Leftists — off. Larry has been attacked by such Leftist standard-bearers as The Atlantic (three times), The Guardian (three times), BBC, NPR, and The New Yorker, among others. But his work has also been praised by The New York Times, The Times (of London), Christianity Today, The Federalist, and The Wall Street Journal.

Sonya Stewart

With a background in Quality/ Health & Safety Compliance, trained investigator, lead auditor, working in various corporate companies  to ensure compliance, also worked in some bands in the past, involved in singing/songwriting with some music collaborations,  a long-standing social media presence with a lot of social media experience, strong interest in all types of creativity (to think outside the box of what we know), also a long journey/learnings of spiritual awakenings & insights, this led me eventually to some dark secrets about Hollywood, how celebrities were managed/mind controlled, & then led onto much darker truths down the rabbit hole, not anticipated.  10 years awake (which back then this would be a tabu subject), I never understood how I was brought to all this information, through various research I had done, & always sensed something was going to happen but didn’t know what, or see evidence of anything), until covid hit in 2020.  Then it all started to make sense.  Certain things were not adding up, & to the point when the censorship became prevalent, I found the ‘truth’ I spoke seemed to be continually shut down, to strangely having my Facebook hacked into after 13 years, various attempts to contact support, they never came back, there seemed to be a strong rebellion to shut my truth down, as many others found.  It was then, it all made sense. 

I am only happy to join Jim & the many other talented freedom fighters/creators to tell the world what they have a right to know, to help the truth be revealed & help awaken many other souls that need that direction & guidance, & to show you are not on this path alone.  We can awaken the many as part of evolution.  To help with, as part of that awakening, to stop the evil plans of the cabal/dark forces attempt to ruin humanity.   I believe humanity deserves to be looked after, be told the truth, that we don’t have to live in division & deserve a life of peace.  To stop the plans of the greedy ‘elites’ from creating the biggest wealth transfer ever known.  So many subjects to mention but I’ll leave that for my channel to share with the world.  I truly believe that united we stand/divided we fall.  

Mark Frieson

Make Friesen has been engaged in denouncing the globalist agenda since the late 90’s. From its inception in 1992 to this very day. I have done town hall events across this country and throughout my province of Saskatchewan. I present a chronological presentation from when the agenda was first conceptualized in 1968 at the Club of Rome, based largely on the book written by Dennis Meadows, Limits to Growth. The agenda, in its primary form, is a mechanism to depopulate the planet. Meadows essentially gives us two options. We either reduce the earths population down to 1 billion or we live under a strong dictatorship. A global dictatorship.

Bridget Buenger

Birgit Buenger (call her Bridget!) has been analysing the world for decades.
More specifically, she has been peeling back the layers of any sleep disorder. What Sleep Wants, the book, is coming out once funding is cleared. Sleep disorders are not as mysterious we think, neither are treatment options with few exceptions! There is so much more than meets the eye!
Same goes for Globalism and world politics. That needs to be reviewed, too. Any step forward helps prevent a disaster, looking at the World Economic Forum, etc., the writing is on the wall.

Liz Churchill

Unofficial Queen of the World Economic Forum. Conspiracy Theorist. Bill Gates’ Best Friend. Communism Ruins Everything ™

Greg Hager

Greg Hager is a US based touring singer/songwriter who writes songs about living, life, love, cattle, love of country, and faith. Leaning a little towards a country & western sound, Greg’s concerts take the listener on a musical journey through the beauty of a well crafted lyrical story. Delivered in a format that has been described as “listening entertainment” Greg’s songs resonate with people of all ages.

Born and raised on the land in rural North Dakota, Greg Hager understands the value of a handshake and an honest days work. His songs connect with people of all ages and across cultures. Regularly played on stations around the world, Greg’s influence as a balladeer is growing.

Freedom in life comes through the boldness and bravery of patriots. Freedom in community comes through understanding that we are not that different. Freedom of heart comes through a personal relationship with Jesus. Greg uses music to connect audiences to these truths.

Greg Hager is signed with MFG Records in Nashville, TN, and has released 10 albums. He has earned many accolades and awards. Most notable is “Entertainer of the Year” with the Pro Cowboy Country Music Association. Connect with him on social media outlets, and music streaming services.

Sherwin Edwards

Sherwin Edwards was born with a Canadian pride that never left him. He believes in the freedom of the individual and the duty to speak for the voiceless. He has a restless spirit that drives him to seek adventure and challenge.

Sherwin  felt a calling to serve the people of Canada and ran for office in the 2018 provincial elections and the 2019 federal elections. He also initiated an official Parliament petition, gathering the support of over 10,000 Canadians who wanted their voices to be heard on the national stage.

Sherwin Edwards has a strong sense of justice and a compassionate heart. He is ready to stand up for just causes and represent the interests of freedom. He is not afraid to confront the powerful and the corrupt, nor to challenge the status quo and the established order.

A proud father and a just man. Sherwin loves his family and his country, and is devoted to the fight for individual freedoms. He is a man of faith and action, a man of courage and conviction, a man of Canada.