Am I the only one who did not realise how much the people have already achieved against current agendas?

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We have a lot to talk about. Recently, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, expressed concern about libertarianism. The latter means that you as a citizen, appreciate a government that actually works for its citizens and interferes as little as possible. Read “interference as little as possible as “within reason”, please 😉 There is another thing to highlight. You as a consumer, have a say, too.

It looks as though people are pushing back.

While writing this article it is very clear to me how nuclear power is controversial, and how protection of species (see goings on in the EU) is important. What I am trying to highlight here is that for now, we need to protect the basic pillars of society and the individuals living in it. The overall goals of ESG, and Agenda 2030 sound noble, but for now we need to make sure that “We The People” are being protected and heard. I truly believe that finding solutions to environmental issues, keeping species and citizens everywhere safe is paramount. However, these principles cannot be bent to force us into artificial new and greater challenges than the ones we are trying to solve. If you keep these thoughts in mind, you may enjoy the following.

Let’s see. Have you heard about Sweden and recent happenings in the European Union?


Sweden’s government is course correcting. In that article, according to Peter Imanuelsen, renewable energy plans have been scrapped and nuclear energy is being favoured. Don’t get me wrong, I am in two minds about nuclear energy, its risks and ultimately, safe ways of discarding waste from those plants. Sweden is now planning to build 10 more nuclear power plants where in addition to their existing plans, these things will have to be considered.

The government also managed to significantly reduce diesel prices by 39%, by removing climate taxes, according to Peter. Additional Agenda 2030 goals have been removed from the agenda of several municipal and regional programs.


Europe’s farmers protests have reached unprecedented levels. The X post below is shedding light on recent developments.

European Union:

Germany’s main stream media recently reported that farmers’ protests led to withdrawal of a proposal which would have forced farmers to reduce the amount of pesticides used. The EU parliament pushed back on it and Mrs. Van Der Leyen then said it’s “too polarizing” at this moment in time. This being shared in German main stream media is huge, and so is the fact that European resistance by farmers, supportive businesses, logistics and ultimately citizens is bearing fruits, see X post above.

ESG – “You The Consumer”

Once upon a time, ESG was decided upon. If that does not ring a bell, do not worry. An organisation in the US in consumer research explains, that it stands “for Environmental, Social, Governance” which technically sounds great. They explain, that taking care of these should is supposed to “incentivize” organizations to properly act. In practical terms it requires measuring the environmental footprint, how certain social topics are handled and internal corporate governance.

The reality of it looks a little different, to put it mildly. It’s one thing to be fully supportive of anyone’s sexual orientation, a need to be supportive if someone born as a biological man requires transformation and vice versa, let people be, yes? Even if you are not naturally inclined to do so, some topics just *are*, right?

If such topics, no matter what your beliefs are, become so overwhelmingly present in everyday life it feels unnatural, there is room for improvement. To me, it feels like politically driven overregulation of topics that can be handled in a more quiet and still conducive manner if necessary. Some call it an ideological approach.

Well, in Germany, the people spoke about something as mundane as budget decisions that can and would deeply affect farmers and therefore, in the long run, citizens. “Wir sind das Volk”. Those who remember the events leading to the Berlin Wall falling are very familiar with that. It means “We are the People” . East Germany rising. Your voice counts just as much. And now, it’s all about you.

Let’s check out the details.

In the United States of America (US), here’s what we know about:

Bud Light and Dylan Mulvaney: 11% sales loss compared to sales a year ago, its parent company also took a hit. Wall Street reacted, too. Click here for details on the social media back lash and more.

Target took a hit during Pride Month with a 5% loss in the quarter in which tuck in swimsuits and other items were offered. it looks as though the “woke” merchandise was the issue, but the company never seemed to have explained the details of the loss, according to analysts.

Bank of America took ESG too far, pushing woke principles. Among them, tracking carbon emissions, monitoring driving, pushing meat alternatives. Consumer Research is observing, here’s what they are sharing.

Disney has experienced revenue losses. Part of them have been due to woke policies in story telling, a couple of box office flops were highlighted. The numbers are not precise but “tens of millions of dollars” have been mentioned in December 2023. The losses contributed to the very public announcement Elon Musk about Disney CEO and ad money made are even less precise.

The list is longer. Look it up here, I particularly like the BlackRock losses. Consumer research also tracks anti-ESG actions and a legislation tracker to see what’s happening in the US, such as 17 attorney generals filing with a Federal regulator to block BlackRock from imposing ESG agendas on utility companies. See details here. Consumer research has made these reports available. People bringing forward these motions are heroes of our time, just like you are.

“We the People.”

Don’t forget to write to your parliamentarian what’s on your mind. Speak to your neighbour about what’s going on. Use cash.

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