Germany. What do smurfs, a 16y old, and an entrepreneur have in common? Are we witnessing a repeat of what we saw in its dark times?

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It looks are though something is off in Germany regarding free speech. We have two cases to analyse. If you have witnessed similar cases, do comment on X to let me know. My initial thought was to judge the people involved, when in reality, it’s probably faulty wiring with really dire consequences that literally hits home. The ease with which both cases developed leads me to believe there is a bigger issue here which very probably has to do with main stream media. Oddly enough, both cases involve current political parties. One being vilified and the other one hoping that jokes about them count as insults. Can anyone tell me what the executive branche’s priorities are? Does Germany even have enough resources to do this while other much more important aspects of society are being neglected?

The first case is just shocking due to age and the approach chosen, whereas the second case shows how messed up things currently are, but there already is a very positive outcome which hopefully won’t be reversed.

Case 1: A 16y old, posts including smurfs and references to a political party, and “preventive actions” taken

A 16y old with no priors or suspicious past behaviour posts seemlessly harmless content on social media. The details shared in various press articles are a little blurry. The content in question involved one of Germany’s political party:

“What do smurfs and Germany have in common? They are both blue.” Separately, the same student referred to Germany as home rather than a just a place on a map. Her mother later stated that the smurf-related post must have been based on an ad by Alternative für Deutschland, also known as AfD.

-See articles above, in German.

photo credit: Maharram Hasanli – unsplash

Weeks later, end of February, she gets pulled out of class. The school’s director had called the police, stating that a pupil in their school may be sharing content on social media that may affect the republic’s safety. The words “staatsschutzrelevante Inhalte” were uttered for those who speak German. Three probably uniformed police officers waiting in the hallway, they did want to avoid a spectacle which is a good thing. It was revealed later that a talk about endangering the republic was in order, in German they chose “Gefährdenansprache” which happened in a separate room.

Here’s what is weird. We are talking about a party in parliament. I have shared some views in a separate article on this platform:

“Here’s a little background. AfD members’ views range from being European Union sceptics to ties to Neo-Nazis. Given the latter, Germany’s domestic intelligence services (Bundesverfassungsschutz) may start engaging again in scrutinising them again. The latter means to secure Germany’s constitutional foundations, looking into areas like extremism. Personally, I applaude that constitutional principles are being upheld, and if AfD are trying to demolish any such principles, go ahead, Bundesverfassungsschutz. From where I am standing, currently there is not enough proof of any such violations. The way it looks to me, the government can’t wait discredit and even ban them. Why? Well, here’s a table of recent election results. Once you open the link, feel free to switch your browser language to English to look at the AfD results. Separately, Marine Le Pen In France stated that AfD is too extreme with their remigration plans.”

The current government simply seems to feel threatened.

Back to a 16y old being exposed to all of the above, a couple of concerns have to be raised. Are the people involved being brain washed by main stream media? What can be done? How is it possible that so many people in the chain of events believe this was the right approach to take?

It stands to reason what the consequences will be. AfD has requested an investigation, the federal state’s parliament is involved, and even Elon Musk commented saying, something along the lines of that’s why she got pulled out of class? on X.

Allow me to share my personal opinion on this. This incident took place in one of the federal states that used to be in East Germany before the wall came down. What we heard in the West was shocking, people forced to spy on each other, etc. If you have ever watched “The Lives of Others”, a movie that really stirred the nation in 2006, because that’s what happened in real life. Surveillance, spying and authorities on ones case with severe consequences if you listened to West Germany radio, etc. It feels like history repeating and it hurts as someone who heard about it. I can’t imagine what it is like to be reminded of it. To that student, their family, and anyone who feels upset, please know that we are here to spread the word.

Let’s hope that this case will spread far and wide to make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

Case 2: An entrepreneur, the German Green Party members and a judge’s decision

Elsewhere, free speech won.

An entrepreneur Much saying that a party is wrecking a country gets you into hot water. The following is based on two articles published by Bildzeitung in Germany. Click here to check out the one with initial findings and or here to see what the court’s decision was.

In September 2023, a poster displaying a quib against Germany’s Green Party members below led to….

…Minister Baerbock initiating an investigation, claims by a public prosecutor that the poster was insulting green party members, 6000 Euro fine and a house search to find out who had posted the posters. The first instance judge declared that Michael Much is allowed to display the poster, it did not insult politicians.

Here’s a description of the poster to avoid copyright issues, you may look it up here:

The poster depicts four politicians, all members of Germany’s Green party. A quote citing minister Harbeck states “Vaterlandsliebe fand ich stets zum Kotzen“, saying that love of country makes him want to throw up. Four politicians (minister Cem Özdemir, Ricarda Lang, minister Robert Habeck and minister Annalena Baerbock) are depicted as a timid girl, maneouvring a steamroller, and minister Harbeck emptying his pockets. The header says “Wir machen alles platt”, meaning they are a wrecking ball to Germany’s core.

See Bildzeitung’s report here

There you have it. Germany is not the only country witnessing court cases like this, but attacking the Green Party and its consequences do hit a nerve because of disproportionate consequences. It also begs the question: what is it about German police and public prosecutors, are they getting their priorities straight?

Are you too of the opinion that these two cases show how brainwashed Germany is these days? Any other thoughts? Is freedom of speech alive and well in Germany? Do comment on X, please.

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