The World Economic Forum – a guide for the undecided – glossy or fishy? A series

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Oh the joy. The glossy world of the World Economic Forum (WEF), and what seems to be happening in the background. First and foremost, may this post provide you with insight to shape your own thoughts on the topic. This post is intentionally simplifying, we will dig deeper into topics like Agenda 2030, “You will own nothing and will be happy”, etc. in separate posts.

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The WEF looks like a great way to shape a better world. I was on an X space a couple of months ago, where one of the participants, a Global Young Leader (we’ll come to that later), said “WEF is not as nefarious as it is made to be”. This article will first tie a few facts and anecdotes together, to get you started, ending with a cliff hanger for future articles which will connect the dots more, where possible. Links have been provided below if you can’t wait to dig in to compare views.

“Committed to improving the state of the world.”

Let’s start with a high level view of a few flash words in WEF world, such as Great Reset, Young Global Leaders, “club members” (my choice of words, not theirs), partners and ESG.

It’s time for a Great Reset, they say, so “Explore the Great Reset Transformation Map”

First of all, let’s see what WEF is saying here talking about the Great Reset… They are intent on transforming the world. “Explore the Great Reset Transformation Map” here is what they intend to work on in a nutshell. For copyright reasons, I won’t post their illustration, but here’s the QR code I have just created. Alternatively, scroll down here to find it, it looks like a wheel saying “Great Reset” in the middle.

Every aspect of life seems to be covered. “Shaping Economic Recovery”; “Redesigning Social contracts, Skills and Jobs”; “Restoring the Health of the Environment”; Developing Sustainable Business Models”; “Revitalizing Global Cooperation”, “Strengthening Regional Development”; “Harnessing Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

The Great Reset’s definition is complex and we will go into detail in another post, so here are two interesting articles: ‘What is the Great Reset’ and Iwan Weck’s ‘Conspiracy theories aside, there is something fishy about the Great Reset’ mentioned before. The WEF themselves attempts an explanation here. The microsite link on that website is no longer working. But’s let’s try and get to a high level view of what their mission is beyond all of transformation talk.

WEF seems to think that COVID showed the weaknesses of capitalism, it also wants to address the challenges of climate change, so “let’s re-imagine the world”. Critics thinks it’s re-inventing of what control of consumers, nations and capitalism look like, terms like corporate socialism and communist capitalism are a few descriptors. Nota bene Klaus Schwab use of the term stakeholder capitalism, where corporations get woven in, expanding their impact on societies.

In following articles on Freedom Train International we will take a closer look at the WEF idea on where governments, stakeholders, and citizens of every nation probably should stand in their view. In my opinion, their visions are probably modeled after China or co-created with them, but that is just me.

Global Young Leaders, “club members”, partnerships, ESG

Klaus Schwab, their elderly chairman, has been working on his vision for decades. The site that has a subsite called the Young Global Leaders. Their missions has been explained here, we can only imagine what is being taught in those classrooms. Let’s assume they learn all aspects of the wheel above, ways to re-imagine the world. To repeat what one of them says, “WEF is not as nefarious as its made to be”, as I mentioned earlier. Since this came directly from one of them, let’s stick to that, they seem to come from all areas of business.

And then we have what I can only call club members. Here’s a short list of “club members” and people otherwise associated with the WEF. I suppose they went through the above classes, too.

George Clooney and others are being left out for now. Why? Klaus Schwab takes great pride in the fact that members of WEF ‘penetrated’ (his choice of words), many governments. Parliamentarians left and right seem to be members of that club. Check it out, just like I did just now to provide you with a list of heads of state here, using the search function.

Olaf Scholz – Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany delivered a special address in Davos in 2022. Not a big deal, right? Rishi Sunak – Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK) where I live, is a WEF club member. Keir Starmer – you are not supposed to know that, is the opposition leader for the UK’s Labour Party, is a club member too. Emmanuel Macron, President of France. Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister of Canada. Chrystia Freeland. The list goes on and on.

Here’s an interesting fact. Take Keir Starmer, the aforementioned member of parliament in the UK. When asked about his preference he openly confirms prefers to be in Davos over Westminster. So, if Rishi Sunak were to follow WEF advice and equally, his opposition does so, too, what difference does it make if the next election end of 2024 results in a Labour or Tory Prime Minister? What does Starmer’s statement say about wanting to listen to what his constituents have to say? Does he care when he’d rather be in Davos?

Whom is WEF partnering up with and what is the big deal there? What about ESG?

Let’s see whom WEF is partnering up with. BlackRock. Amazon. Pfizer. Check out this link for all organisations starting with the letter B. Bill& Linda Gates Foundation, BP. The list goes on and on here, too.

These organisations tie effortlessly into the next topic tied to this, ESG, where BlackRock, and so many other companies are involved. Before I proceed with an explanation of what ESG is. May I ask you to think about the glossy side of what ESG is supposed to be and what the Consumer’s research in the United States, established in 1923 has come up with since 2021. My article sheds light on several consumer protests where companies took ESG too far, among them BlackRock, but I have extracted the most important parts:

In this rather gleeful article I wrote, you will find an outline discussing ESG, here’s a quote: “Once upon a time, ESG was decided upon. If that does not ring a bell, do not worry. An organisation in consumer research in the US explains, that it stands “for Environmental, Social, Governance” which technically sounds great. They explain, that taking care of these should is supposed to “incentivize” organizations to properly act. In practical terms it requires measuring the environmental footprint, how certain social topics are handled and internal corporate governance.”

And if you recall the wonderful WEF chart outlining what is wants to transform, you will find, for instance, LGBTI inclusion in that chart I provided a QR code for above (top left). Alternatively, scroll down here to find the illustration again. To be very clear: I will not ever give up on rights for gay people, those who are born in a body they can’t conform with, I am hyper protective of those aspects of life, even if I don’t fully understand them. But as I said in my article on Freedom Train International in another context… “If such topics, no matter what your beliefs are, become so overwhelmingly present in everyday life it feels unnatural, there is room for improvement. To me, it feels like politically driven overregulation of topics that can be handled in a more quiet and still conducive manner if necessary. Some call it an ideological approach.” […] “Consumer research also tracks anti-ESG actions and a legislation tracker to see what’s happening in the US, such as 17 attorney generals filing with a Federal regulator to block BlackRock from imposing ESG agendas on utility companies. See details here. Consumer research has made these reports available.

A loose tie or tight partnership, who knows, seems tied up in ESG activity.

I will leave this here with you. In a few weeks time, the saga will continue with an analysis of what journalists have dug up so far on the glossy versus the fishy aspects of WEF.

Thank you for reading all the way through.

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