Cybersecurity: Why we need to shift the narrative to build a cyber-ready workforce

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  • Cybersecurity was named a top concern at Davos 2023, alongside warnings about the acute shortages of professionals able to tackle the issue.
  • The cyber skills gap is growing and we need to change the narrative in order to recruit and retain a more inclusive cybersecurity workforce.
  • An inclusive approach is key to building a diverse cybersecurity team and ensuing organizations are well placed to address cyber threats.

Cybersecurity was named as one of the top issues facing the world at Davos 2023. Experts urged for a global response to the ‘cyber storm’, observing that the next pandemic could be the cyber pandemic. The acute shortage of relevant first responders, i.e. cybersecurity professionals, further complicates and exacerbates the issue.

It’s well known that most of an iceberg sits below the water surface, and this is a good way to think about the skills gap we are facing in cybersecurity.

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