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Welcome to the Events and Agenda page of Freedom Train International!

Here, you will find a comprehensive and up-to-date calendar of all our activities, engagements, and initiatives taking place across the globe. Our events are dedicated to promoting and advocating for the principles of free speech and free movement, engaging communities in meaningful dialogue, and driving impactful change.  

Navigate through our interactive calendar to discover events near you or of particular interest. From dynamic workshops and enlightening seminars to powerful rallies and advocacy campaigns, each event is designed to foster understanding, collaboration, and action.

Event Categories Include:

Workshops and Seminars

Educational sessions aimed at deepening knowledge and skills in advocacy and rights protection.

Public Rallies and Demonstrations:

Join hands in solidarity to support causes that demand attention and action.

Webinars and Online Discussions:

Engage with experts and community members from around the world without leaving your home.

Networking Events

 Connect with like-minded individuals, leaders, and activists to expand your network and collaborate on future projects.

Special Guest Lectures:

Learn from leading voices in law, activism, journalism, and more, providing insights into the challenges and solutions related to our freedoms.

Stay Connected and Informed

Make sure to check back frequently as new events are added regularly. Each listing provides detailed information, including dates, times, locations, and registration links. Whether you are looking to learn, share, or lead, there is something here for everyone.

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