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International Women's Day

Huh. Is the German Liberal Party (FDP) triggering early elections in Germany?
Intro: The German Liberal Party, also known as FDP, has published a program that may cause trouble,...
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Germany: Update from Reiner Fuellmich - is he being silenced? What do we know?
As the world keeps seeing people being incarcerated, you may have wondered what it is that we know of...
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Germany. What do smurfs, a 16y old, and an entrepreneur have in common? Are we witnessing a repeat of what we saw in its dark times?
It looks are though something is off in Germany regarding free speech. We have two cases to analyse....
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The European Union: Trojan Horse or Beacon of Unity?
In recent years, the European Union (EU) has faced mounting criticism, with some arguing that it has...
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"The World Economic Forum - a guide for the undecided - glossy or fishy?" A series - On predictive programming.
I have recently published a post that looks into the Great Reset, the World’s Economic Forums’...
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Untitled design - 2024-02-26T091501
Unveiling the Subtle Threat: 5th Generation Warfare and the Erosion of Democratic Values
In the age of information, the battlefield extends far beyond physical borders, infiltrating the very...
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The World Economic Forum - a guide for the undecided - glossy or fishy? A series
Oh the joy. The glossy world of the World Economic Forum (WEF), and what seems to be happening in the...
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Am I the only one who did not realise how much the people have already achieved against current agendas?
We have a lot to talk about. Recently, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, expressed concern about...
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DALL·E 2024-02-08 21.45.35 - Envision a colossal, transparent dome encasing a metropolitan area, symbolizing the restriction and manipulation of information
The Murky Waters of Canadian Media Subsidies: A Closer Look at Propaganda in the Mainstream
In recent years, the landscape of Canadian media has undergone a significant transformation, fueled by...
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