“The World Economic Forum – a guide for the undecided – glossy or fishy?” A series – On predictive programming.

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I have recently published a post that looks into the Great Reset, the World’s Economic Forums’ Young leaders, partners, “club members” as I call them and ESG. As promised, here you go with more content. For some reason, today I could not shake the hospital imagery from the London 2012 Olympics’ opening ceremony. Therefore, predictive programming it is as the topic for this post. I have to say that this topic make me deeply uncomfortable. Since I am naturally inclined to think WEF is just capable of about anything under the sun, there is a big risk here. I can’t just willy-nilly make everything about predictive programming, but does that mean I can ignore it? This post will not address preparedness, for anything, it’s just a view on whether or not we are being exposed to elements that want to influence our minds in one direction only.

Here you go with opposing sides of the argument, what Klaus Schwab is telling us, and a few examples. My main finding is this. I can’t prove it. For your own peace of mind, steer clear of disturbing movies, books, etc. and make sure to breathe. As long as we as individuals stay grounded and happy, any opposing influences should have less of an impact.

Predictive programming – opposing sides

Predictive programming has been mentioned quite a bit by Eva Vlaardingerbroek and others saying that we are being conditioning into dealing with future events that globalists, or whoever is in charge, and handing over power to the latter to solve them. Neurologist and psychologists seem to be staying away from the subject. If you have found something, please share with me on X here.

Other sources say it’s a conspiracy theory:

“Leave the World Behind has been accused of using predictive programming, a conspiracy theory claiming that the government, the illuminati, or the elites are using mass media as a method of mind control, sending out hidden messages to brainwash viewers and make us more accepting of planned events in the future.

Daisy Phillipson @ Dexerto – in the context of commenting on “Leaving the World Behind” – a netflix movie, produced by Michele and Barack Obama. See source.

My personal concerns

Here’s an initial concern. We have had movies about disasters, etc. since the dawn of time, haven’t we. Where can we draw the line? How do we know it’s predictive versus a natural evolution of things headed towards a disaster some artistic minds make up? The Simpsons have been quoted quoted quite a bit over the years, here’s one of many summaries where they “predicted the future” – source.


Klaus Schwab thinks that COVID revealed the weakness of capitalism, and now connects cyber attacks and COVID. He sums it up here, asking us to be prepared for a cyber attack.

We need to be prepared for a cyber attack, he says: based on the connectivity we have established now from “adoption of large scale working from home arrangements, to the use of cloud services, e-commerce, e- education.” Mentioning that COVID within a few months a major shift took place which otherwise would have taken 2, 3, or even more years. “This paradigm shift to digital has made the role of cyber security […] even more pronounced. But still, pay insufficient attention to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack which would bring to a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole. The COVID 19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyber attack. Our existing fragmented, global architecture is not fit for purpose anymore in the 21st century. It’s high time for a Great Reset. Change is not happening. We have a choice: to stay passive and see the negative trends unravel – inequality, polarization, nationalism, and racism. If we do not stop those trends, will lead to a post corona world that definitely is less sustainable, less equal, and much more fragile. On the other hand we can instead reimagine our world and build a new social contract. We need a Great Reset that will shape a much more resilient system for the post corona era.

Klaus Schwab – see youtube video here, the above is a transcript

And then there is disease X that humanity needs to be shielded from.

Back to what I feel I am making up in my head. What kind of artist came up with a very doom and gloom segment at the London Olympics in 2012. I am adding this clip that comes from someone who is biased and feels we are being subjected to predictive programming. It is actually quite disturbing because it draws parallels between what was shown on the day and what we saw afterwards.

So, here’s what I am trying to do to steer cleer of predictive programming if it is a thing. I check what a movie, tv show etc. is about. If it sounds too close to what to a centralist government would love us to get used to, I will stay away from it.

I do have to admit, though, that very wise woman told me in my 20s that the world is harsh enough as it is. She adivsed me to steer clear of drama, brutality, disaster and horror movies and anything disturbing, it keeps our soul in a better shape, especially when we are dealing with real issues.

Maybe it’s advice the world needs to hear, whether predictive programming is a thing or not.

Just Breathe.

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